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Kendel Boone

Venmo: @Kendel-Boone

#ArtUnitesCbus Film & Photography Exhibition
Sterling Carter, Cristyn Steward, Donte Woods-Spikes, Kendel Boone, Jamie Ceasar, Teri Dashfield, Asia Glenn, Rashunda Holloway, John Landry, Ngabo Mutenda, Brittoney Roane, Benjamin Willis

February 4, 2021 - May 7, 2021

We’ve all seen the headlines “Black Male or Female Killed by Police” or “Injustice to Black Community”. These headlines have become our new normal causing most people to become numb. I attended several protests for Black Lives Matter including protests for Black Transgender and Queer Lives because all Black Lives Matter. My photos show the pain, outrage, the cry for justice to be served and joy of being together for support. Along with allies for our community who stand with us. In each photo I pictured people as I captured the moment in time. Now more than ever, we are calling out for people of color to be recognized as more than race but as HUMAN.

Kendel Boone is a freelance photographer who enjoys reliving history through photography. Her passions include portrait, documentary and street photography. Boone is the founder and CEO of Kendel Kaptures, and works for Before & After Photography.

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