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Staci Friedman

2021 Community Arts Partnership Awards Visual Artist Exhibition

Javad Ashrafi, Christopher Burk, Lisa Cliff, Staci Friedman, Gabriel Guyer, Cheong-ah Hwang, Michael Kaiser, Amandda Tirey, Beverly Whiteside, Wil Wong Yee

September 8, 2021 - September 17, 2021

Staci Friedman is an award-winning artist, best known for her loose, floral watercolor and mixed-media paintings. As a child, she enjoyed drawing and painting and loved spending time in her mother’s in-home art studio. Friedman earned a bachelor’s in fine arts with a concentration in graphic design, and entered the world of publishing in New York City. In 2006, she relocated to Columbus, where she spent many years in the corporate retail world as a senior graphic designer and art director. In 2015, Friedman became disabled due to chronic illness. She began volunteering at a local art studio, where she worked with artists with disabilities. It was there that after 10 years of not painting, her passion for the fine arts was reignited. Friedman began exhibiting in Columbus galleries, and received her first artist grant in 2019. Friedman is represented by Hayley Gallery, New Albany, OH.

Represented by Hayley Gallery

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