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Aimee Wissman


Tahtianna Alston, Colton Candy, Twyana Davis,

Annette Dominguez with Sheila Luther and Candace Palucci, Mike Dunn, Mary Evans, Gwendolyn Garth,

ID-13 Prison Literacy Project, Whitney Johnson,

Edward Julian Sr., Montez Mickens, Jamie Ochs,

LaMarr Pace, Patrice Palmer with Peace Love,

Michael Powell, Damon Rawls, Holly Smith with Clarity Ohio and women of Freedom a la Cart, Shirley Tucker,

Augustus Turner, Zeph Vondenhuevel, Aimee Wissman

January 20, 2022 - May 6, 2022

I’m being driven by a longing for justice, a need to make something come from my/your/our trauma, and to be (perhaps) released in the making.

I use a variety of materials, but my first interest is in the surface. Through working things over, sometimes furiously, almost always over long stretches of time, I create a sense of depth and spectacle. The surface, the micro to the macro of the painting, is one way I’ve learned to talk about all the little details of something like mass incarceration.

I frequently use a symbolic language to talk about erasure, dehumanization, and oppression. Uniforms, numbers, chains, razor wire, interior/exterior carceral spaces, collide with bridges, trains, tunnels, and parks. I see no difference in the construction and I see many similarities in intent. The figurative work dives deeper: body as raw material, our enslavement to capitalism and carceral states, and finally, the body’s return to dust, to brick, to block, to stone.

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