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Montez Mickens


Tahtianna Alston, Colton Candy, Twyana Davis,

Annette Dominguez with Sheila Luther and Candace Palucci, Mike Dunn, Mary Evans, Gwendolyn Garth,

ID-13 Prison Literacy Project, Whitney Johnson,

Edward Julian Sr., Montez Mickens, Jamie Ochs,

LaMarr Pace, Patrice Palmer with Peace Love,

Michael Powell, Damon Rawls, Holly Smith with Clarity Ohio and women of Freedom a la Cart, Shirley Tucker,

Augustus Turner, Zeph Vondenhuevel, Aimee Wissman

January 20, 2022 - May 6, 2022

A devoted father and his passionate daughter join forces to bring awareness to police brutality against Black lives!!! It is our job to share what we see in the world around us. People connect with music more than any other media platform out there. Music has the power to change mindsets and shift culture.

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